High-level Advisory Group on the Ukrainian NECP launched in London amid Ukraine Recovery Conference

22 June 2023

Building on the commitment to develop a Clean Energy Partnership to support the sustainable recovery and reconstruction of Ukraine endorsed at the Ukraine Recovery Conference held in London on 21- 22 June 2023, the Government of Ukraine, the Energy Community Secretariat, G7+ members and international partners present today, at the premises of EBRD HQ, including EBRD, EIB, USAiD, Word Bank, UNDP, DFC recognized that an integrated National Energy and Climate Plan for Ukraine (NECP) is a key reference document in line with Ukraine’s economic recovery vision, outlining Ukraine’s green rebuilding reform priorities, based on the EU template for energy and climate governance, aligned with the Energy Strategy 2050, the international commitments of Ukraine under the Paris Agreement, with the European accession process and decarbonisation targets under Energy Community Treaty.

A well-designed NECP shall facilitate market reforms and ensure consistency across the various sectoral policies and objectives of the European Energy Union. With the development of the NECP until mid-2024, it is aimed to unlock Ukraine’s potential to leapfrog to a state-of-the-art decentralized energy system based on renewables, which will serve a modern and highly-efficient energy system in the future. The role of the Energy Community Treaty in providing the necessary accountability and transparency to the process was stressed. 

It was claimed that the NECP shall link policies and measures with necessary technical and financial assistance available. It shall, therefore, take into account the already pledged and future international assistance, via a continuous liaison with the G7+ framework and ensure that donor activities and pledges are coordinated and aligned with the policy objectives of the NECP.

In the context of the above, and in view of ensuring a coherence and strategic overview of the process under the auspices of the international community, the establishment of the High-Level Advisory Group was confirmed – co-chaired by first Deputy Prime Minister Yulia Svyrydenko and Michał Kurtyka, former Minister of Climate, Energy and Environment of the Republic of Poland – with the participation of the members of G7+ Coordination Group and beyond. 

The role of the High-Level Advisory Group shall be to provide strategic advice to the NECP preparation and consultation process via a regular assistance and high-level recommendations to the Ukrainian authorities, and navigating the necessary work and efforts at the technical level. The High-Level Advisory Group will support the NECP process in Ukraine and assist the Energy Community Secretariat in fulfilling its function defined by the Governance Regulation with the objective of providing a consultative platform reaching out to all international partners willing to engage and support Ukraine. Work of the Group shall continue until mid-2024 and will be assisted by the Energy Community Secretariat.


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