The Secretariat hosts shippers meeting showcasing Ukraine's gas infrastructure and fast storage facilities 

15 June 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat successfully hosted a high-profile event that highlighted the robust and dependable gas infrastructure and storage capabilities of Ukraine. The event, held in collaboration with GTSOU specialists, Ukrtransgaz, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, and the National Energy Regulator, shed light on the opportunities available for European traders in the upcoming 2023/2024 gas season and outlined that risk mitigation measures will be needed to allow shippers to use the available storage capacity.

With access to over ten billion cubic meters (bcm) of underground gas storage facilities near the country's western border, Ukraine's gas transportation system offers European traders a reliable and efficient network. More than 100 transportation routes connect the gas storage facilities of Ukraine (UGS) to European borders, providing valuable insights into the reliability, flexibility, and efficiency of this extensive infrastructure.

Industry experts delivered comprehensive presentations that underscored the proven track record of Ukrainian gas infrastructure within the European market. The event also highlighted significant progress made in expanding cross-border trade opportunities. GTSOU's efforts have resulted in the availability of 54 million cubic meters (mcm) per day of firm capacities at the entrance to the Ukrainian GTS for gas storage, as well as an output capacity exceeding 200 mcm daily for re-export.

The event, organized by the Energy Community Secretariat, showcased Ukraine's pivotal role in Europe's energy landscape and that further discussion is needed on risk mitigation measures to allow a substantial usage of the storages. Traders provided clear feedback that without a risk sharing mechanism the filling a substantial filling of the storages will be impossible. All parties agreed to work closely together to identify possible ways to mitigate the existing risk.

The Secretariat and the Ukrainian stakeholders will follow up on identification of the risking measures related to political and regulatory issues.

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