Call for companies to aid Ukraine in restoring damages after the destruction of the Kakhovska HPP

Security of supply
12 June 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat, in collaboration with the Ukrainian authorities, is urgently seeking assistance from companies worldwide to support the restoration of electrical networks and infrastructure following the destructive incident at the Kakhovska Hydroelectric Power Plant.

To facilitate the recovery process, the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Ministry for Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development have identified critical equipment and materials required for immediate assistance.

The Ministry of Energy's list of needs includes power transformers, automatic circuit breakers, cable couplings, wire, clamps, withdrawal steel, rubber rings, excavators, welding devices, compressor stations, couplings, tube electric welding, and other related items.

Meanwhile, the Ministry for Communities, Territories, and Infrastructure Development has highlighted requirements such as water trucks, biological water treatment stations, various vehicles (air vehicles, buses, trucks, cars, loaders/cranes, boats, and engines), pumps, waders, life-saving equipment, floating crawler conveyors, floating barriers, tracked self-propelled ferries, chlorine, POLVAK coagulant, equipment for pontoon bridge crossings, pumps (motor/mobile), dismountable pipelines for pumping sewage, thermopile heaters (heat guns), fuel (diesel, gasoline), and steel pipes.

If your company possesses the necessary equipment and materials or has the capacity to provide assistance, we invite you to actively participate in this humanitarian effort. Your support will greatly contribute to urgently mitigating the humanitarian impacts in the affected region of Ukraine.

To obtain the detailed list of Ukrainian needs, as well as information and support regarding the donation process, please reach out to the Secretariat's Ukraine Support Task Force via email at [email protected].

The Energy Community Secretariat appreciates the cooperation and support of the international business community in times of crisis. Together, we can make a significant difference in restoring vital infrastructure and assisting the people of Ukraine during this challenging period.

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