The Energy Community Regulatory Board evaluated ANRE Moldova's gas tariff consultation

12 June 2023

The Energy Community Regulatory Board has conducted a thorough analysis of the tariff consultation document submitted by the National Regulatory Authority for Energy (ANRE) of Moldova. The assessment was carried out in accordance with the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas. In its review, the ECRB has provided its conclusions on the proposed reference price methodology, inter-TSO compensation mechanism, and cross-border cost allocation.

According to the evaluation, the majority of the provisions of the proposed reference price methodology, including the inter-TSO compensation mechanism and cross-border cost allocation, were found to be compliant with the requirements outlined in the network code. However, the ECRB also issued recommendations to ANRE Moldova to further enhance transparency and predictability for network users. Specifically, the report suggests that ANRE should improve accuracy in capacity forecasts and provide more detailed information regarding the revenues expected in the forthcoming years. By ensuring such transparency, network users will be able to make more informed decisions and better plan their operations within the gas transmission system.

Moreover, the ECRB proposed that ANRE Moldova revisits the tariff calculations once more accurate estimations of capacities become available. This revision is expected to ensure that the tariff structure accurately reflects the changing dynamics of the gas market and guarantees a fair and equitable distribution of costs among stakeholders.

The ECRB commends ANRE Moldova for its efforts in aligning its tariff consultation document with the requirements of the Network Code on Harmonised Transmission Tariff Structures for Gas. The ECRB's recommendations aim to further enhance the regulatory framework, fostering an environment of transparency, predictability, and fairness for all gas market participants.

The report can be found by clicking here.

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