Secretariat urges international support following destruction of Nova Kakhovka in Ukraine

6 June 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat expresses deep sorrow and concern upon receiving news of the major destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydro-electric power plant in Ukraine. The incident occurred in the early hours of this morning, causing significant consequences.

In October 2022, the Secretariat conducted a report highlighting the potential devastating effects of the dam's destruction. The findings of the report can be found here / below.

In light of these developments, the Energy Community Secretariat urges international donors to join efforts in supporting Ukraine's energy sector. The Secretariat calls upon interested parties to contribute to the Ukraine Energy Support Fund and the Ukraine Energy Task Force. The Fund operates transparent procurement processes to support Ukrainian energy companies such as Ukrhydrenergo, the operator of Nova Kakhova HPP, with equipment needed for the repair of damages. in coordination with the Ministry of Energy. The Task Force facilitates in-kind energy equipment donations, working closely with private companies across Europe and beyond.

The Energy Community Secretariat also assists Ukraine and several public energy companies in preparing legal claims against the damage inflicted by the actions of the Russian Federation on the energy sector of Ukraine.

The Energy Community Secretariat will continue to provide assistance to Ukraine during this difficult time and emphasizes the importance of international cooperation and support to mitigate the impacts of the Nova Kakhovka dam and hydro-electric power plant destruction.

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