Secretariat congratulates the launch of electronic registry for guarantees of origin in Albania and Republika Srpska, one of the two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

6 June 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat has praised the issuing bodies in Republika Srpska and Albania for the successful inauguration of an electronic registry for guarantees of origin for electricity. This commendation follows the signing of the Registry Service Agreement with Grexel, the chosen service provider, marking a significant accomplishment in the advancement of the implementation of scheme for guarantees of origin.

This milestone clears the path for the registry to become operational in line with EU standards, enabling consumers to exercise their preference in selecting the source of their energy and actively contribute to the ongoing energy transition. Guarantees of origin play a crucial role in empowering consumers and facilitating corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) by offering transparency and verification of renewable energy sources.

The acquisition of the electronic registry is the result of regulatory commissions from Republika Srpska and Albania active participation in the Energy Community Secretariat's initiative to establish the regional system for guarantees of origin. Artur Lorkowski, the Energy Community Secretariat Director, conveyed his congratulations to both parties, stating, "We are delighted to have supported issuing bodies from Albania and the Republika Srpska in achieving this significant milestone. The establishment of the registry will provide end users with much-needed proof of origin, ensuring transparency and accountability in the energy sector. We encourage other issuing bodies for guarantees of origin in our Contracting Parties to follow this suit."

The signing of the Agreement ensures the full operability of the system in line with EU requirements, serving the interests of both renewable energy producers and end users.

As part of the regional project implemented by the Energy Community Secretariat from January to July 2022, electronic registries for guarantees of origin have been established for Albania, two entities in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Republika Srpska), Georgia, Kosovo*, North Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, and Ukraine. These nine registries are fully prepared to go live once direct agreements between the Contracting Parties' issuing bodies and the service provider Grexel are signed. Since more than two issuing bodies have signed an agreement, they are able to engage in guarantees of origin trading through the regional system established by the service provider.

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