Ukraine Energy Support Fund delivers materials for heating network reconstruction

16 May 2023

In a significant stride towards revitalizing Ukraine's energy sector, the Ukraine Energy Support Fund has recently delivered crucial materials for the reconstruction of heating networks in a war-affected Ukrainian city. These efforts are poised to make a remarkable difference in the lives of local citizens, emphasizing the Fund's commitment to restoring energy infrastructure and improving energy efficiency in the country.

The delivery included over 1.4 kilometers of pipes and associated goods, which were handed over to the local heat supply company responsible for rebuilding the heat network. One notable aspect of this reconstruction is the incorporation of energy-efficient thermal insulation, a groundbreaking approach aimed at curbing thermal energy loss during transportation to end consumers.

This recent delivery of materials marks a significant milestone in the Fund's mission to restore energy services and enhance living conditions in war-affected Ukrainian cities. The rebuilding process, facilitated by the supplied pipes and goods, will ensure the seamless transmission of heat to homes and businesses. The introduction of energy-efficient thermal insulation will minimize thermal energy loss, resulting in a sustainable and cost-effective heat supply for end consumers.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was established to provide financial support for repairing critical energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks and to maintain the functioning of the energy sector. It is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat and receives significant contributions from governments, international organizations, and corporate donors.

By delivering essential materials for heating network reconstruction, the Ukraine Energy Support Fund is taking concrete steps towards restoring energy services and improving energy efficiency in war-affected Ukrainian cities. The incorporation of energy-efficient thermal insulation underscores the Fund's commitment to sustainable and cost-effective heat supply, benefiting both consumers and the overall energy sector.

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