Secretariat welcomes the launch of MEPX

26 April 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat welcomes the successful launch of MEPX, Montenegro's day-ahead electricity market. MEPX held its first day-ahead auction for electricity delivery on April 27, marking a significant milestone in advancing the country's electricity markets and promoting transparent price signals for renewable energy investments.

The project for the establishment of the day-ahead market in Montenegro was supported by the Energy Community Secretariat through the provided technical assistance to establish Institutional Set-up for Organised Day-ahead market in Montenegro to the Ministry of Energy and technical assistance to drafting amendments to the VAT Law in Montenegro to the Ministry of Finance.

The Energy Community adopted a new Electricity Package in December 2022, providing the legal framework for integrating the electricity wholesale markets of Contracting Parties into the European internal market. Montenegro's day-ahead market development is an important step towards this integration, as it will allow Montenegro to join the single day-ahead and intraday market and benefit from better cross-border interconnection utilization and a robust price signal for renewable energy investments. However, for this to happen, Montenegro must swiftly proceed with transposing and implementing the new electricity package, starting with the NEMO designation.

The Energy Community is committed to assisting Montenegro in transposing and implementing the new Electricity Package, ensuring the necessary legal framework for market coupling and integration into the European single electricity market.

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