Energy Community Secretariat to Collaborate with NAK Naftogaz to Reestablish Competitive Gas Market in Ukraine

30 March 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat and NAK Naftogaz, the national gas company of Ukraine, held a meeting to discuss the current status of the Ukrainian gas market. The Director of the Secretariat, Mr. Lorkowski, and the CEO of Naftogaz, Mr. Chernyshov, focused on the security of supplies for the upcoming winter and the need to re-establish a competitive Ukrainian gas market. Despite the difficult war conditions, both parties agreed that a way forward must be outlined.

To achieve this goal, the Secretariat and NAK Naftogaz first step will be to collaborate on reforming public service obligations to ensure compliance with Ukraine's European commitments. This partnership will support the Secretariat's increasing and monitoring activities in the Ukrainian energy market governance, promoting further reform and altering the reverse path of the gas market reform.

"Re-establishing a competitive and liquid gas market is our primary motivation to embark on the joint work with Naftogaz," said Mr. Lorkowski. "We are pleased to work together with Naftogaz to ensure that the post-war gas market model in Ukraine meets the required standards and supports Ukraine's European choice."

Mr. Chernyshov expressed that Naftogaz remains committed to the energy market deployment in Ukraine that will insure the stability of energy supplies and the financial health of the overall professional environment of the sector.

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