Energy Community entities can now subscribe to AggregateEU's online platform for Joint Gas Purchasing

30 March 2023

Aggregate EU, the demand aggregation and joint purchasing mechanism, is excited to announce the launch of the subscription process for joint gas. Gas companies and industrial actors operating in all EU Member States and the Energy Community Contracting Parties, can now subscribe to the service.  

AggregateEU Platform

Subscribe for the AggregateEU Service and create a PRISMA account 

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This marks a significant milestone enhancing solidarity through improved coordination of gas purchases, reliable price benchmarks, and cross-border gas exchanges. The subscription process is a crucial step towards organizing the first demand aggregation in April, followed by the publication of the first tender for reliable international gas suppliers in May.

Joint gas purchasing is a vital initiative in ensuring high energy supply security for the EU and the Energy Community. It will enable the EU to bring gas to Europe at more sustainable prices, fill up gas storages ahead of the next winter, and diversify its sources of supply as it completes the phase-out of Russian gas.

Aggregate EU invites gas and industrial companies operating in the Contracting Parties of the Energy Community to subscribe to and utilize this platform.  As a partner in this crucial process, the Energy Community Secretariat is pleased to offer ongoing support, with the goal of establishing the groundwork for a sustainable energy future.

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