Moldova’s Energocom signs electricity supply agreement with the MGRES power plant

5 December 2022

The Secretariat welcomes the agreement reached between Energocom, the public electricity trader of Moldova, and the Denstrovsk Power Plant (MGRES) on electricity supply for the month of December, and potentially beyond. The Moldovan gas supplier Moldovagaz will supply gas to MGRES for the production of electricity. In these difficult times of winter, this arrangement will allow customers everywhere in Moldova to have access to electricity at affordable prices.

The Secretariat also commends the Government’s efforts to diversify its energy supply and reform energy market governance during the recent months. Further reform in line with the Energy Community rules and integration within the European system and markets must remain a priority also in the future.

Measures to speed up electricity market reform and the country’s integration with Ukraine and Romania should follow the electricity market reform action plan, which was endorsed by the Moldovan Government at the second EU - Moldova High Level Energy Dialogue on 30 June 2022. The plan outlines key activities that should be undertaken by relevant stakeholders: the transmission system operator’s certification, implementation of joint capacity allocation on the interconnections with Ukraine and Romania and REMIT implementation.

The Secretariat supports Moldova on all accounts through technical assistance, and via the recently established Moldova Energy Rescue Scheme.

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