Ukraine Energy Support Fund: UK provides significant funding to help repair Ukraine’s damaged energy infrastructure

14 November 2022

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund will receive a financial donation from the Government of the United Kingdom. The agreement to transfer the first £5 million of the UK’s £10 million commitment to the Fund was signed today. The support will be used to purchase vital emergency energy equipment to repair critical energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks.

Signing the agreement on behalf of the UK Government, Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said: “Russia’s attacks on vital infrastructure show that Putin is resorting to desperate measures. But even in the face of missile attacks and blackouts, the resolve of the Ukrainian people remains unbroken. The Government of Ukraine said it needed specialised energy equipment to repair critical national infrastructure, and the UK is delivering on their request. The UK has made the largest donation to date to this Fund. We need all partners to step up their support and show Putin that his attempts to destroy Ukraine will be met with fierce resistance.”  

The Minister of Energy of Ukraine, German Galushchenko, said: “Russia is trying to break us by shelling energy infrastructure to leave Ukrainians on the eve of winter without heat and light. These days the support of international partners is more important than ever. The UK has been helping Ukraine’s energy sector since the beginning of the Russian invasion. Today, it is making a significant contribution to the Energy Support Fund. This will make it possible to purchase the necessary equipment for our energy companies, which is difficult to do as part of humanitarian aid. Many thanks to our British partners and the Energy Community Secretariat for the help in the fight against Russia on the energy front.”

The Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Artur Lorkowski, said: “The Ukraine Energy Support Fund is a transparent and efficient vehicle for international donors seeking to help Ukraine repair and rebuild its energy infrastructure which has been brutally damaged by Russia. The donation of the United Kingdom is a great show of solidarity and will bring essential aid to Ukraine by allowing the purchase of much needed tools and critical equipment needed to restore essential electricity and gas services to Ukrainian citizens.”

On the same day, UK Business and Energy Secretary Grant Shapps issued a call to action to UK industry to consider supplying emergency energy equipment and resources through the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. “In Ukraine’s hour of need, I call on the generosity of the UK industry to join the Government in donating emergency energy equipment and resources through the Energy Support Fund. This will help rebuild what has been damaged by Putin's illegal invasion as we continue to stand with the people of Ukraine,” he said. 

The Energy Community Secretariat acts as the fiduciary of the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, which was established to enable Ukraine to receive donations to finance the purchase of fuels, equipment, services and capital needed to repair energy infrastructure damaged during the war.

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