Joint appeal to ramp up emergency energy equipment donations to Ukraine

7 November 2022

European Commissioner for Energy, Kadri Simson, Minister of Energy of Ukraine, German Galushchenko and Energy Community Secretariat Director, Artur Lorkowski, have launched a joint appeal to ramp up emergency equipment donations to Ukraine:


For Ukraine to survive the winter, efforts must be stepped up to keep the country’s energy infrastructure functional.

Since the beginning of the Russian invasion, Ukraine has suffered unprecedented damage. Russian attacks have wiped out critical infrastructure in many parts of Ukraine. The damage is especially critical following the start of the targeted campaign against energy infrastructure.

Ukrainian energy companies are working tirelessly to repair damaged infrastructure, often just hours after military activity has ceased. This work needs a tremendous amount of equipment, fuel, tools and materials, which Ukraine lacks. As a winter at war awaits Ukraine, 950.000 people are without electricity and 600.000 households are left without gas or district heating services, along with 250.000 households lacking proper water supply.

Without our help, they will be forced to survive without heating, electricity or water. Matching the scale of Ukraine’s energy sector needs requires a collective effort and prioritized attention. Let us step up in solidarity and support the people of Ukraine in their hour of need. Donations of emergency energy equipment are needed now more than ever to help Ukraine prepare for winter.

We call on private companies and associations, not only in the energy sector but also the manufacturing and automotive industries, and governments to intensify donations to ensure the continued functioning of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure.

If your country, company or association can help Ukraine by offering emergency energy equipment, materials, tools or fuels, please email the Energy Community Secretariat’s Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF) for the current list of most urgent needs and assistance in the donation process.


Kadri Simson
Commissioner for Energy
European Commission    

German Galushchenko
Minister of Energy Ukraine

Artur Lorkowski
Energy Community Secretariat

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