Ukraine’s energy infrastructure under attack

10 October 2022

Ukraine’s energy infrastructure has suffered major damage in the latest wave of Russian attacks. According to reports, 11 energy facilities were damaged in 8 regions of Ukraine and the city of Kyiv. Thermal power plants are offline and substations, transformer stations and distribution lines around the country have been destroyed. Power outages were reported in several regions. 

Director Lorkowski said: “Ukraine's electricity system has proved its resilience by supplying domestic consumers amid the war. Moreover, Ukraine has supplied the European Union and Moldova with electricity until now. The Secretariat remains convinced that extraordinary measures already taken by Ukrainian authorities alongside solidarity supplies from Europe if necessary will keep the electricity system balanced. Right now, the priority must be increased international support for Ukraine to repair its energy infrastructure before the winter.” 

Ukraine’s needs have risen sharply following the recent wave of destructive attacks by Russian army targeting civil energy infrastructure. With winter fast approaching, donations of emergency energy equipment must be scaled up to restore energy supply to families and businesses throughout the country and ensure the stability of the country’s energy system.

The Secretariat’s Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF) coordinates first aid shipments of critical specialised energy equipment to Ukraine donated by private companies. The process is simple and burden-free for companies. The USTF coordinates the entire donation process, including the door-to-door delivery of donated items with transport provided at no cost thanks to the European Commission’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre.

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