Energy Community Gas Forum: Ukraine ready to transport needed gas quantities to Moldova

4 October 2022

Discussions on security of gas supply and winter preparedness took center stage at today’s Energy Community Gas Forum in Ljubljana. The situation in Moldova was in particular focus due the Russian Federation’s recent announcement to reduce gas transit quantities from the contractual quantity of 8.1 mcm/d to 5,7 mcm/d as of 1 October 2022 and the country’s unique vulnerability in such a case. The Transmission System Operator of Ukraine confirmed that Ukraine was ready to transport the quantities required by Moldova.

Speaking at the Gas Forum, Ms. Olga Bielkova, Director for Government and International Affairs at the Gas TSO of Ukraine LLC, stressed: “The Gas TSO of Ukraine is not the cause of the reduction of these transit quantities and is physically and contractually ready to supply the quantities of gas requested by Moldova. The entry point Sudzha to the Ukrainian gas transmission network from the Russian Federation is used at ca. 42mcm/d, whereas 72mcm/d is booked and paid for by Gazprom. Hence this entry point would be physically and contractually capable to handle the quantities required by Moldova.”

Data collected by the Energy Community Secretariat for the newly published SEEGAS Report validates the availability of the physical capacities of the Ukrainian gas transmission system to transport to Moldovan gas quantities required for winter season.

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