Moldova adopts Law on Industrial Emissions

4 October 2022

At its plenary session of 30 September 2022, the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova adopted the Law on Industrial Emissions. This is an important step in ensuring compliance with the requirements of integrated permitting and the application of the concept of the best available techniques, as well as the introduction of compliant emission limit values for large combustion plants beyond 2028.

The Secretariat provided assistance to the Republic of Moldova in developing draft legislation in this field, a project that was finalised in December 2017. As the legislation was however not adopted, the Secretariat opened dispute settlement procedures in 2018, which was decided by the Ministerial Council at its 2021 meeting. The adoption of the Law is a key milestone in ensuring compliance with the decision of the Ministerial Council.

We are very happy that Moldova takes its commitments to reduce emissions seriously, even and in particular in times of crisis”, said Deputy Director Dirk Buschle. “This sets a good example for other Contracting Parties of the Energy Community.”  

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