Secretariat to support application of harmonized and efficient rules on cross-border trade following start of commercial exchanges of electricity with Ukraine

28 June 2022

Following the emergency synchronisation of the Ukraine/Moldova power systems with Continental Europe on 16 March 2022, the Energy Community Secretariat welcomes the implementation of the pre-conditions set by the transmission system operators (TSOs) of Continental Europe for allowing commercial exchanges on the interconnections with Ukraine and the gradual start of commercial exchanges on 30 June. The Energy Community Secretariat supports the work of the TSOs and the national regulatory authorities (NRAs) in ensuring harmonised and efficient allocation and use of cross-border capacity.  

TSOs and NRAs from Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine and Moldova will meet on 7 July 2022 at the premises of the Energy Community Secretariat in Vienna with the aim to agree on a roadmap that will outline concrete steps for implementation of the joint capacity allocation process. In the short term, the TSOs are expected to utilise the allocation process applied on Bursthyn Island prior to the isolation mode operation, while joint capacity allocation is the target mechanism to be implemented as soon as possible. 

The Secretariat is also working with the Ukrainian stakeholders to design a mechanism to ensure that the proceeds from electricity exports are collected and distributed to energy entities which are suffering the most from the impact of the war.

The start of commercial exchanges with the Ukraine/Moldova power system is planned for 30 June on the interconnection between Ukraine and Romania. The total trade capacity will be limited to 100 MW in the first phase and subject to daily coordinated security analysis. Trade capacity is expected to increase gradually and trade on interconnections between Ukraine-Slovakia, Ukraine-Hungary and Moldova-Romania is expected to follow based on monthly assessments by the TSOs. 

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