Energy Community welcomes gradual opening of electricity trade between European Union and Ukraine following emergency synchronization

8 June 2022

On 7 June, the transmission system operators (TSOs) of Continental Europe responded positively to the request of Ukraine’s TSO Ukrenergo for the gradual opening of commercial electricity exchanges on the interconnections with Ukraine. This follows the emergency synchronization with the network of Continental Europe on 16 March this year. The Regional Group Continental Europe also set the key technical conditions that need to be fulfilled before the commercial exchanges can start.

Director Lorkowski said: “Commercial electricity trade between the European Union and Ukraine can help address the growing liquidity gap in Ukraine’s energy sector as a result of war. But it can also provide Europe with the alternative energy sources it is currently looking for to replace Russian gas. We also see this as a means to increase competition and strengthen the security of supply in two Contracting Parties - Moldova and Ukraine.”

To support electricity trades between Ukraine and the European Union in line with the safety parameters required by ENTSO-E, the Secretariat has been working with Ukrenergo and the neighbouring TSOs towards joint capacity allocations and with the Ukrainian regulator NEURC on the design of a system for distributing part of the revenues made by Ukrainian exporters for the benefit of the entire power sector in Ukraine.

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