Ukraine urgently needs donations of emergency energy equipment

25 May 2022

Donations of energy equipment are urgently needed to keep Ukraine's energy infrastructure operational and restore energy supply to hundreds of thousands of families and businesses. The Energy Community Secretariat’s Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF) coordinates first aid shipments of critical specialised energy equipment to Ukraine donated by private companies. 

Director Lorkowski said: “The USTF, consisting of dedicated energy experts from Ukraine and the Secretariat, is constantly exploring possibilities of connecting with new associations and businesses in Europe to support Ukraine with specialized energy equipment. The task force has already assisted companies in thirteen European countries to donate critical energy equipment to Ukraine. Approximately 200 metric tons of emergency equipment is on the way or has already been delivered.”

Leading the Ukraine Support Task Force, Senior Energy Expert Adam Balogh, said: “The task force has established a direct working relationship with the European Commission’s Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) and can feed-in transport requests to the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM). The USTF also flexibly assists bilateral, direct donations from European-based companies to designated Ukrainian partners with customs and transport procedures.”

More than 10.000 items are on the list of requested emergency energy equipment. If your company, association or country is ready to help, please contact the USTF at: [email protected].

In a webinar on 7 June 2022, the Secretariat will explain how companies and business associations can help Ukraine by offering specialized energy equipment and answer any questions potential donors may have.

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