Albania: The first Contracting Party to adopt National Energy and Climate Plan

4 February 2022

The Government of Albania adopted the first version of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP) on 29 December 2021. The draft of the Plan was submitted to the Secretariat, which provided detailed recommendations. Albania’s first NECP will continue to be developed and updated, taking into account the recommendations of the Secretariat.

Director Artur Lorkowski said: “NECPs represent the compass navigating us towards Europe’s long-term commitment of a climate neutral continent by 2050. With the NECPs, Contracting Parties have a tool at their disposal to credibly demonstrate to their citizens and to the stakeholders in their economy the seriousness of their pledges and their priorities for the green transition.

The Minister of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania, Belinda Balluku, said: “Albania’s priority is to have a robust NECP, on which we can build in the coming decades. The Secretariat’s recommendations are highly valued and will be incorporated into the final version of the NECP to be adopted by May of this year. We are grateful to the Secretariat for supporting us in the NECP process and look forward to continued cooperation”. 

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