Namakhvani mediation – the Government of Georgia follows up on the agreements made on Saturday

17 June 2021

The Ministry of Internal Affairs started to dismantle the metal barrier around the construction site of the Namakhvani HPP project on the Rioni river. As reported, this was a key commitment made at the negotiations on Saturday mediated by Dirk Buschle and Aleksandra Bujaroska of the Energy Community Secretariat.

“This measure is an important step towards de-escalation of the situation in the Rioni gorge. It is now essential that the protesters keep their commitments as well: ensure that protests remain peaceful, respect the laws and property rights as well as instructions by the police, and not block the access to the construction site. Respect for the law and safety for everybody are also key conditions for continuing discussions about the next steps in this process” comments Deputy Director Dirk Buschle.      

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