Secretariat issues Recommendations on Macedonian draft National Energy and Climate Plan, the first one ever provided by an Energy Community Contracting Party

24 November 2020

To attain their long-term energy and climate policy objectives and promote transparency and investor certainty, the Energy Community Contracting Parties committed to adopting integrated National Energy and Climate Plans (NECPs). The plans have to address all five dimensions of the Energy Union (energy efficiency, renewables, greenhouse gas emissions reduction, interconnections and research and innovation) as foreseen by the Governance Regulation, and streamline administrative and reporting procedures.

North Macedonia is the first Contracting Party to finalize its draft NECP and submit it to the Secretariat for official review. As required by the Ministerial Council Recommendation 2018/01/MC-EnC, the Secretariat today issued its assessment of the draft NECP of North Macedonia. The Secretariat concluded that the draft provides a solid basis for the development of an ambitious final NECP, but at the same time highlighted several areas which require further improvement so that the final NECP can reach its full transformative potential. 

Director Janez Kopač said: “I would like to express my deep appreciation to the Government of North Macedonia for its dedication to decarbonisation and transformation of its economy and energy system capable of facing the new challenges of the 21st century. Furthermore, I would like to commend North Macedonia for leading an exemplary process of developing the draft National Energy and Climate Plan, the first of its kind in the Energy Community.”

To view the draft NECP and the Secretariat’s 48 Recommendations, visit our new web section. Here you can also read more about the NECP process in the Energy Community and track progress in the preparation of NECPs in all Energy Community Contracting Parties.

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