North Macedonian Parliament adopts the most all inclusive Energy Efficiency Law Energy

Energy efficiency
6 February 2020

Energy Community Secretariat welcomes yesterday’s adoption of a comprehensive Law on Energy Efficiency, transposing the EU Energy Efficiency Directive, Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, Regulation on Labelling of energy related products, and Directive on Eco-design of energy related products.

This Law was developed under the coordination of the Ministry of Economy in close cooperation with the Secretariat and with the technical assistance provided by European Union, within the Regional Energy Efficiency Programme (REEP).

By implementing the energy efficiency acquis, the Government of North Macedonia paves the way for significant investments by public authorities, residential and commercial energy consumers, International Financial Institutions, commercial banks and private investors into all economic sectors. These will not only make its industry more competitive, but also its households better supplied with energy services, its building stock better insulated and boost the usage of greener energy sources for heating, cooling and lighting.

Energy efficiency is an opportunity for sustainable development, economic growth and healthier environment. With the newly adopted Law, North Macedonia sets new best practice standards in the Energy Community.

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