Case ECS-24/21: Moldova / environment

summary of the case

status: closed by Ministerial Council Decision / 
not complied after Art.91 MC Decision
registered: ex officio 





In April 2014, the European Union adopted Directive 2014/52/EU amending Directive 2011/92/EU on the assessment of the effects of certain public and private projects on the environment.

Directive 2014/52/EU was incorporated in the Energy Community acquis communautaire by Decision 2016/12/MC-EnC of the Ministerial Council adapting and implementing Directive 2011/92/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council, and amending the Treaty establishing the Energy Community (hereinafter: Decision 2016/12/MC-EnC). 
Article 2 of the Ministerial Council Decision 2016/12/MC-EnC, reads:

  1. „Without prejudice to Article 3, Contracting Parties shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with Directive 2011/92/EU as amended by Directive 2014/52/EU by 1 January 2019 with the exception of the provisions referring to Directives not covered by Article 16 of the Treaty establishing the Energy Community. They shall forthwith inform the Energy Community Secretariat thereof.
  2. Contracting Parties shall communicate to the Energy Community Secretariat the text of the main provisions of national law which they adopt in the field covered by this Decision.“

To date, the Secretariat has not even received draft legislation, let alone legislation in force, by Republic of Moldova aiming to achieve compliance with Decision 2016/12/MC-EnC, and to transpose the provisions of Directive 2014/52/EU.

The present Reasoned Request concerns non-compliance of Republic of Moldova with the obligation to adopt and implement the laws and administrative provisions necessary to comply with Decision 2016/12/MC-EnC by 1 January 2019 pursuant to Article 2(1) thereof, and to forthwith notify those measures to the Secretariat within the deadline specified in that Decision.

The case was closed and a breach was established for not transposing the Directive 2014/52/EU under Article 91 by Ministerial Council Decision 2021/10/MC-EnC adopted on 30 November 2021.