Case ECS-15/21: Montenegro / environment

summary of the case

status: opened under Article 91
registered: ex officio 




The subject matter of this case is the non-compliance with the rules of the Large Combustion Plants Directive on limited lifetime derogation in Montenegro. The Secretariat preliminarily concluded that TPP Pljevlja, the only large combustion plant operating in the Contracting Party has failed to respect the opt-out rules under Article 4(4) of the Large Combustion Plants Directive. Even though the plant has reached its limit of 20,000 operational hours by end of 2020, it neither complied with the stricter standards of the Industrial Emissions Directive, nor ceased its operations, as required by Energy Community law.

Directive 2001/80/EC took effect in the Energy Community on 1 January 2018. The directive requires operators of large combustion plants to significantly reduce the emissions of the air pollutants listed above. Opt-out is a time-barred implementation alternative to comply with the provisions of the directive.