Case ECS 13/17: Serbia / gas

summary of the case

status: closed by Ministerial Council Decision / 
not complied after Art.91 MC Decision
registered: ex officio 2017

On 27 July 2018, the Energy Community Secretariat sent an Opening Letter to the Republic of Serbia in accordance with the Rules of Procedure for Dispute Settlement. The Secretariat, takes the preliminary view that excluding interconnection point Horgoš from allocation of capacity is not compliant with the Energy Community acquis communautiare related to ensuring non-discriminatory third party access.

With the adoption of Decision 2021/1/MC-EnC, the procedure under Article 91 of the Treaty in Case ECS-13/17 is closed. On 24 September 2021, the Secretariat initiated Case ECS-13/17S by submitting a Reasoned Request to the Ministerial Council under Article 92 of the Treaty.