Case ECS-17/16: Bosnia and Herzegovina / environment

summary of the case

status Discontinued prior to an Opening Letter
 registered upon complaint 20.10.2016





The case was initiated on the basis of a complaint, alleging non-compliance with Chapter III and Annex V of Directive 2010/75/EU on industrial emissions, which sets emission limit values for new large combustion plants in the Contracting Parties. According to the complaint, the environmental permit of the planned TPP Banovici did not meet these requirements.

The Secretariat referred to the case to the Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Centre and in July 2017, the Secretariat and the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina signed a Settlement Agreement to address the pending issues related to the installation. As a result of the successful mediation, the Parties agreed to amend the environmental permit of TPP Banovici in order to comply with the relevant requirements of Directive 2010/75/EU. Following the confirmation by the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Secretariat's review of the new environmental permit, it was decided not to initiate dispute settlement procedures against Bosnia and Herzegovina in this regard.