Case ECS-05/15: Moldova / electricity

summary of the case

status: closed in preliminary procedure (Art.91) /
complied in preliminary procedure
registered: ex officio 2015

In its Opening Letter, the Secretariat states that the failure of ANRE, Moldova’s regulatory authority, to adopt distribution tariffs for all distribution system operators prevents new suppliers established in or outside of Moldova from accessing the distribution network, as there is no tariff applicable to them. Moreover, customers are refused the right to access the distribution networks and thus also their right to freely choose their supplier.

The Opening Letter should be seen in the broader context of a persistent failure by ANRE to discharge its functions in regulating the electricity sector as expected by it under Energy Community law. Besides the lack of distribution system tariffs, the level of retail electricity tariffs adopted by ANRE currently strains the system of electricity supply and may cause serious security of supply problems. ANRE’s independence has been giving rise to serious doubts in the past already.