Case ECS-01/14: Bosnia and Herzegovina / energy efficiency

summary of the case

status: closed by Ministerial Council Decision / 
not complied after Art.91 MC Decision
registered: ex officio 2014


Directive 2006/32/EC defines energy efficiency as "a ratio between an output of performance, service, goods or energy, and an input of energy". The purpose of the Directive 2006/32/EC on energy end-use efficiency and energy services is to make the end-use of energy more economic and efficient by establishing indicative targets and incentives as well as the institutional, financial and legal frameworks needed to eliminate market barriers and imperfections which prevent efficient end-use of energy. Furthermore, the Directive calls for the creation of conditions for the development, the promotion of a market for energy services and for the delivery of energy-saving programmes and other measures aimed at improving end-use energy efficiency.

The Secretariat considers the transposition and application of the Directive in the Contracting Parties a priority and a symbol of the Treaty’s commitment for improving end-use energy efficiency in the Energy Community. In its implementation reports, the Secretariat repeatedly underlined that Bosnia and Herzegovina needs to take substantial steps in order to transpose and implement Directive 2006/32/EC. The deadline for transposition expired at the end of 2011.

With the adoption of Decision 2018/04/MC-EnC, the procedure under Article 91 of the Treaty in Case ECS 01/14 is closed.