Eternal Summer Lectures

To gap the time in between the previous and upcoming edition, the Secretariat has decided to continue with its “Eternal Summer – Energy Community Summer School Webinars” and extends an invitation to a series of on-line lectures.

Eternal Summer in brief

who is in focus:

Eternal Summer lectures targets postgraduate students and researchers from all disciplines, representing the Energy Community Parties, the Observer countries, or the EU Member States. Young professionals from governmental institutions or energy companies, as well as Think Tanks, NGOs are also highly welcome.

how to get involved:

Approximately fours weeks prior to the lecture, the Secretariat will circulate an invitation. All participants of the past Summer School editions will be automatically invited. In order to be included into the list of invitees,  interested young professionals are invited to contact Mr. Adrian Jasimi, the Energy Community Summer School Coordinator. 

how to take part:

No tuition fee is required, nor is there a need for prior registration. The invitation will contain a WebEx link to the webinar. The same participation link will be displayed on the corresponding event-page.

2021 - 2022 programme

Topic Date Invitation / Registration  Lecturer / Position

6th session:
Just transition fund
and taxonomy

07 December  2021 NATALIA PLASKIEWICZ, 
Associate on Infrustructure and Energy,
DZP Law Firm - Poland 

7th session:
Energy Poverty

29 March 2022 IVANA ROGULJ, MBA
Climate and Energy Expert,
Institute for European Energy and Climate Policy in Amsterdam

8th session:
Environment and climate
change in developing

23 June 2022 VILMA DJALA,
MBA in Finance at KU Leuven, Belgium
Business development manager at Stantec Company

9th session:
Importance of energy
law in the energy

39 September 2022 VARVARA ALEKSIĆ,
Energy and environmental lawyer, LL.M, Ph.D. Candidate,
Central European University, Vienna 
Legal Advisor in NIS Novi Sad, Vice President of the Serbian Energy
Law Association, Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade