ECRB presidency

Mission of the ECRB

By setting the conditions and tariffs for non-discriminatory access to electricity and gas networks, national regulators play a central role in the process of opening gas and electricity markets. By nature of the regulated sectors, a profound understanding of the rules of physics and system operation is an indispensible precondition of our daily work. 

However, our mission goes beyond mere technical aspects. Pro-active market design, promotion of competition and addressing market barriers are the ingredients of successful regulatory work. At the same time, ensuring high standards of customer protection has to be the ruling standard of regulatory work: a prudent regulator shall never forget that liberalisation is not a stand-alone policy but a means for increasing social and economic welfare.

ECRB promotes the development of a competitive, efficient and sustainable regional energy market that works for public interest. A harmonised and reliable regulatory framework is essential for building trust of investors and customers. Our mission is to facilitate this process for the benefit of businesses and citizens in the Energy Community. ECRB contributes to achieving the goal of establishing a single energy market in the Energy Community and beyond by building a bridge between the technical needs of the regulated industry and the interest of customers.

ECRB understands its mission as the responsibility to provide coordinated regulatory input to questions of strategic regional energy market development and energy policy discussions. The technical, market and consumer related knowledge of regulators are key ingredients for modelling energy markets in a meaningful way.

Close cooperation with our international partners is thereby a central element of our work. I am in particular proud of and grateful for our successful cooperation with the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER), the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER) and the Mediterranean Energy Regulators (MedReg).


Marko Bislimoski

ECRB President