Dispute 03/2019: North Macedonia / gas

Summary of the dispute

Areas of work Mediator Parties involved


Dirk Buschle
  • The Government of North Macedonia
  • Makpetrol

The dispute concerned the percentage in share capital of the Government on the one hand, and of Makpetrol on the other, in GA-MA, a company operating as TSO between the North-Macedonian/Bulgarian border and Skopje.  

This dispute had been paralyzing the gas sector development in North Macedonia for the past 22 years. The resolution of the dispute is also important in the context of the gas TSO unbundling, an obligation of North Macedonia under Energy Community law. Successful unbundling could not happen as long as the issue of the ownership in GA-MA was not solved, as Makpetrol performs also supply and trade of natural gas.

During a mediation session conducted in Vienna in November 2019, the parties agreed to a 50% - 50% ownership in GA-MA. The Government further agreed to purchase Makpetrol’s share in GA-MA. Both parties agreed to discontinue all open litigation procedures in front of national courts.

On 27 August 2021, the Agreement settlement signed between Makpetrol AD Skopje and the Republic of North Macedonia resolving the dispute concerning their respective shares in the gas TSO GA-MA has finally been implemented.

The dispute was mediated by Dirk Buschle, Chair of the Dispute Resolution and Negotiation Center.