Gas_28 / Trans-Anatolian Pipeline Expansion - TANAPX

Brief project description

TANAP X  aims at the transportation of additional 10 bcma of the natural gas to be produced in Shah Deniz-2 field and other fields of Azerbaijan through Turkey to Europe.The TANAP (Trans-Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline) Project will contribute to the European gas supply security and diversity by opening up the Southern Gas Corridor. It constitutes a significant part of the gas supply value chain together with SCPX (South Caucasus Pipeline-Expansion) and TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) pipelines and provides a platform to foster gas to gas competition in European gas market based initially upon gas supplies from Azerbaijan’s Shah Deniz gas field.

The TANAP pipeline length within the borders of Turkey is about 1820.4 km on the section up to Greece connection to TAP Pipeline Project. TANAP includes an outside pipe diameter of 56 and 48 inches, across land and two 36 inches outside diameter Offshore pipeline are planned for the Dardanelle crossing through the Sea of Marmara. 
As part of the Southern Gas Corridor, the Trans Anatolian Natural Gas Pipeline (TANAP) has been built to transport Azeri gas from the Shah Deniz 2 Gas Fields in the Caspian Sea and other fields of Azerbaijan (and other possible neighbouring countries) to Turkey and to Europe at Turkish/Greek border through the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline. TANAP comprises of 56” and 48” onshore pipelines and 36” offshore pipelines:

  • 56” section of pipeline, stretching approximately 1345.5 km from the Interconnection Point with SCP System at the Georgian – Turkey border to the TANAP compressor station and Exit Point at Eskişehir. This includes all associated facilities which make up the TANAP System for this section.
  • 48" section of pipeline stretching approximately 457.4 km from the TANAP compressor station and Exit Point at Eskişehir to the Interconnection Point with TAP System at the Turkey – Greek border including the Exit Point at Thrace. This includes all associated facilities which make up the TANAP System for this section.
  • Two parallel 36” section pipelines which make up the onshore section, approximately 17.5 km in length, under the Sea of Marmara.

The TANAP System within the Republic of Turkey reaches a total of approximately 1820.4 km, including metering and compressor stations and above-ground installations.