Gas_16 / Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (Fier, AL - Split, HR)

Brief project description

The Ionian Adriatic Pipeline (IAP) project is based on the idea to connect the existing Croatian gas transmission system, via Montenegro and Albania with the TAP system (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) or a similar project. The total length of the gas pipeline from the Croatian town Split to Albanian town Fieri is 511 km. Its 5 bcm/y capacity provides the natural gas supply of Albania (1 bcm), Montenegro (0.5 bcm), the south of Bosnia and Herzegovina (1 bcm) and Croatia (2.5 bcm).

The implementation of the entire Ionian Adriatic Pipeline project enables opening of the new energy corridor for the SEE region within the fourth EU transmission corridor, with the aim to establish a new natural gas supply direction from the Middle East and Caspian region. The IAP will have a bidirectional gas flow possibility i.e., it will be able to provide natural gas supply of SEE from other sources, one of them the future LNG solution on the island of Krk. The comprehensive Feasibility Study financed by the WBIF has been completed in April 2014.  

The main benefits of  IAP:

  • Gasification of Albania, Montenegro, southern part of Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Security of supply and diversification of supply,
  • Market integration,
  • Competition


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IAP feasilibity study