Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) for the Western Balkans

Energy efficiency Renewable energy Climate Environment

Beneficiary Countries:

  • Albania Albania
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Kosovo Kosovo*
  • North Macedonia North Macedonia
  • Montenegro Montenegro
  • Serbia Serbia

Donation passport

Starting Year: 2017
Ending Year: 2020
Budget: 85 mil EUR
Type of Donation: Technical assistance and investment grants
Status: Ongoing

Lead Donor Contact

Dragana Tanasic, EBRD

Short description of the overall project

EBRD’s Green Economy Financing Facility (GEFF) provides finance for green economy investments in residential sector, as well as to businesses who supply energy efficiency and renewable energy products and services to households, in namely in Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia, Kosovo*, Montenegro and Serbia.

GEFF is implemented under the umbrella of Regional Energy Efficiency Programme for the Western Balkans (REEP Plus), funded by the EU and implemented in partnership with the Energy Community Secretariat.



Short description of activities financed by the donation

  • 85 mil. EUR on-lent for residential EE investments
  • At least one Partner Financial Institution in each country
  • More than 29.000 households reached by the programme
  • More than 225 loan officers trained
  • More than 1.000 items (technologies & suppliers) in the Technology Selector (10% increase in market penetration rates for the Western Balkans)
  • Expected final annual energy savings: more than 68.000MWh p.a.
  • Expected annual carbon reductions: more than 21.250 tCO2 avoided p.a.

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