BEEP - Bosnia Energy Efficiency Project

Energy efficiency

Beneficiary Country:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina

Donation passport

Donor/IFI: World Bank
Starting Year: 2016
Ending Year: 2019
Budget: 32 mil. USD
Type of Donation: Technical assistance and investment grants
Status: Closed
World Bank

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Short description of the overall project

The Government of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina has received financing from the World Bank towards the cost of an Energy Efficiency Project. The project development objective is to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency improvements in public sector buildings and support the development of scalable energy efficiency financing models. The project will consist of three components:

  • An investment component: This component will support energy efficiency investments (‘subprojects’) in schools, hospitals and clinic centers.
  • A component to support the development of scalable financing mechanisms and build capacity.
  • A component for project management.

Financing loan agreement worth 32 mil USD was signed, out of which 19.23 mil USD were allocated to Federation of BiH. The development objective of the Project is to demonstrate the benefits of improving energy efficiency in the public sector facilities and to support the development of flexible models for financing the energy efficiency.


Short description of activities financed by  the donation

  • 43 buildings retrofitted within 2 years. Average savings: 53% FBiH and 60% RS
  • 1/3 of buildings switched from fossil fuels (LFO or coal) to biomass (pellets)
  • Comfort level improved. Up to 8C in some school buildings
  • All buildings with energy certificates (18 issued) building classes A or B