AFD “Cities and climate” public policy budget loan in Serbia

Renewable energy Climate

Beneficiary Country:

  • Serbia Serbia

Donation passport

Donor/IFI: AFD, World Bank
Starting Year: 2021
Ending Year: 2030
Budget: 43,7 mil EUR
Type of Donation: Policy based loan and technical assistance
Status: Ongoing
AFD World Bank

Lead Donor Contact

Agence française de développement, AFD

Short description of the overall project

AFD and the World Bank (WB) are mobilizing a series of budget financing and technical support to support and accelerate the implementation of the Serbian Government's climate roadmap over the coming years.


Short description of activities financed by the donation

The program consists of a series of medium-term public policy loans (2 to 3 years) on a series of themes participating in the green agenda for the Western Balkans - adopted at the Sofia Summit on November 10, 2020 - which is now an integral part of the EU accession roadmap for countries in the region.

The first phase of the program, structured around the adoption and entry into force of the climate law, is structured in the form of a public policy matrix broken down into 4 main result indicators identified as crucial for the implementation of the law and its realization at the level of each sector – especially at the local/urban level in support of the initiatives of the Serbian local authorities:

  • the National Council on Climate Change (NCCC) is re-established
  • the implementing decrees for the climate law are approved. 
  • the low-carbon development strategy and its action plan as well as the climate change adaptation program are approved.
  • a feasibility study for the identification of financial mechanisms encouraging the realization of investments in the fight against climate change at the level of local communities has been carried out.