EU4Energy 2024 Work Programme to advance energy governance in Partner Countries

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16 January 2024

The EU4Energy initiative is pleased to announce its January to December 2024 Work Programme, focused towards defining and implementing the EU4Energy Governance project activities. The initiative's approach is grounded in addressing the requests and needs of each Partner Country, with a comprehensive plan to advance energy sector development and sustainability.

The Work Programme for 2024 identifies key priority areas that will serve as the foundation for EU4Energy's activities throughout the year:

1. Ongoing support for renewable energy, gas market, and energy efficiency

Continuing its commitment to sustainable energy solutions, EU4Energy will provide continuous support to Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine in vital areas such as renewable energy, gas market development, and energy efficiency. These initiatives are crucial for reducing carbon footprints and fostering environmentally responsible energy practices.

2. Capacity building for stakeholders

Recognizing the importance of building local expertise and capabilities, EU4Energy will focus on capacity building for ministries, regulators, transmission system operators (TSOs), and other stakeholders in Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine. Enhanced knowledge and skills will drive long-term energy sector growth.

3. Implementation of the Electricity Integration Package

The programme will actively support the implementation of the Electricity Integration Package, emphasizing the importance of addressing the post-synchronisation process in Moldova and Ukraine. Integration into regional electricity networks enhances energy security and resilience.

4. Tailored support for Partner Countries

In addition to the common priorities, EU4Energy's 2024 Work Programme tailors its support to specific needs in each Partner Country:

Georgia: The focus will be on supporting the Georgian State Electrosystem (GSE) and the Georgian National Energy and Water Regulatory Commission (GNERC) in drafting the Residual Mix Calculation Methodology and disclosure rules of Guarantees of Origin.

Moldova: Special attention will be given to the implementation of Law 10/2016, which promotes the use of energy from renewable sources. EU4Energy will particularly concentrate on the development of relevant secondary legal acts to facilitate the transition to sustainable energy.

Ukraine: The initiative will maintain a spotlight on Ukraine Support Activities, specifically supporting the management of the Energy Community Secretariat's established Fiduciary account for the Ukraine Energy Support Fund.

Funded by the European Union, the EU4Energy initiative is a collaborative effort between the Energy Community Secretariat, the Council of European Energy Regulators, and the International Energy Agency. The project's overarching goal is to help Moldova create an investment-friendly environment for a cost-effective energy transition, aligning with the 2030 energy and climate targets outlined in the 2022 Ministerial Council decision.



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