Ukraine Energy Support Fund reports on progress in first half of 2023

7 September 2023

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund, managed by the Energy Community Secretariat, has published its latest report, highlighting significant additional contributions and accomplishments during the first half of 2023.

During this period, the Fund received additional contributions of EUR 30,124,821, bringing the total contributions to EUR 165,892,812 at the end of June 2023. The consistent financial support underscores the increasing commitment of governments, international organizations, and corporate donors to the revitalization of Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Moreover, donors have made additional pledges amounting to EUR 50 million, reaffirming their trust and confidence in the Fund's mission and operational efficiency. An impressive 82% of these funds have been efficiently allocated to meet the needs of 42 different Ukrainian counterparts from the energy sector.

The majority of support requests were focused on electricity distribution (33%) and combined heat and power generation (33%). Together, these sectors constitute 35% and 26% of the total value of requested items, respectively.

A noteworthy development has been the optimization of internal processes by both the Secretariat and all stakeholders involved, resulting in enhanced project execution efficiency. In collaboration with the USAID-funded Energy Security Project (USAID ESP), the Secretariat has streamlined procurement processes. All support requests by Ukrainian counterparts continue to undergo rigorous verification by the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, USAID ESP and the Secretariat.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was established with the objective of providing financial assistance to repair Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks and ensuring the continued functionality of the energy sector. It is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat, with contributions from governments, international organizations, and corporate donors.

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