Ukraine Energy Support Fund visits Umangaz to verify the equipment delivery

7 August 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat (ECS) conducted a visit to Umangaz as part of the verification process for equipment procured through the Ukraine Energy Support Fund. During the visit, the ECS representative carefully assessed the technical characteristics of the equipment and ensured that all necessary documents were issued by the company.

The verified equipment is expected to significantly improve services in Umangaz and enhance the well-being of its citizens. It will allow Umangaz to perform depressurization and bridging of gas, ensuring a shutdown of pipelines in specific parts of the network without interrupting gas supplies. This allows consumers to continue receiving gas normally during planned or unplanned network repairs. 

Umangaz plays a crucial role in the city and Cherkasy region, serving 22 villages of the Uman district, 26 villages of the Khristyniv district, and 18 villages of the Mankiv district. In 2020, the company distributed 64.7 million m3 of natural gas to its consumers, benefiting 60,717 household subscribers and 117 non-household consumers.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was established to provide financial support for repairing critical energy infrastructure damaged by Russian attacks and to keep the energy sector functioning. It is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat with significant contributions from governments, international organizations, and corporate donors.

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