Secretariat reaches milestone of assisting 70 successfully delivered shipments to Ukraine

7 June 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat is pleased to announce a remarkable milestone achieved last week in our ongoing efforts to support Ukraine's energy infrastructure. The Ukraine Support Task Force, established by the Energy Community Secretariat, has successfully assisted in the delivery of 70 shipments of specialized energy equipment to Ukraine. These shipments, contributed by 80 companies and 21 countries, aim to assist in stabilizing Ukraine's energy services, including power, gas, and district heating.

Since the initiation of this crucial endeavor, the Energy Community Secretariat has facilitated the transportation of a remarkable total weight of 1,460 tons of equipment and 2,200 tons of liquids. The donated items consist of essential resources required to repair and enhance Ukraine's energy infrastructure, which has been severely affected by the ongoing conflict.

The Energy Community Secretariat, in collaboration with the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, has mobilized the private sector and countries worldwide to contribute to this humanitarian effort. The Emergency Response Coordination Centre has provided vital support in coordinating logistics and ensuring the smooth delivery of equipment to Ukraine.

The assistance provided by these shipments plays a crucial role in helping Ukraine recover from the devastating effects of the war and restore its energy infrastructure. By bringing together companies and countries from around the world, the Energy Community Secretariat has fostered international collaboration and solidarity in addressing Ukraine's urgent energy needs.

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