Secretariat welcomes the launch of ALPEX

12 April 2023

The Energy Community Secretariat welcomes the launch of the Albanian Power Exchange (ALPEX) and the successful inauguration of the day-ahead market in Albania. On 11 April 2023, ALPEX held its first day-ahead auction for the delivery of electricity as of 12 April.

ALPEX, established as a joint venture company owned by the transmission system operators of Albania (OST) and Kosovo* (KOSTT) in October 2020, is entrusted with operating day-ahead and intraday markets in Albania and Kosovo*. The launch of the day-ahead market in Kosovo* is expected to follow by September 2023.

The development of Albania's day-ahead market is a significant milestone towards advancing the country's electricity markets and ensuring a transparent price signal for investments in renewable energy. ALPEX is now expected to launch the intraday market and prepare for market coupling, which is essential for boosting liquidity.

The new Electricity Package adopted in the Energy Community in December 2022 sets the legal framework for integrating the Contracting Parties' electricity wholesale markets into the European internal market. Each Contracting Party must designate at least one nominated electricity market operator (NEMO) by 15 June 2023. The rules for NEMO designation in Albania were adopted by ERE in 2021, in line with the ECRB recommendation. ALPEX is now one step closer to achieving NEMO status and proceeding with market coupling projects.

The Energy Community is committed to supporting Albania in transposing and implementing the new Electricity Package and ensuring the legal framework necessary for market coupling and integration into the European single electricity market.

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