Secretariat commends Moldova’s progress in energy sector reform during Deputy Director's visit to Chisinau

12 April 2023

Energy Community Secretariat Deputy Director Dirk Buschle visited Chisinau on April 5 and 6 to meet with Prime Minister Dorin Recean and discuss the formidable implementation progress the country showcased in 2022, ongoing reforms in the electricity and gas sectors, the importance of sustainable development, and the country’s short to mid-term priorities. During the visit, Recean expressed his gratitude to the Energy Community Secretariat for the support provided over the last year in developing national legislation, building capacity, and standing with Moldovan citizens during energy crises.

Buschle also held discussions with the newly appointed Minister of Energy, Victor Parlicov, and the two State Secretaries, Carolina Novac and Constantin Borosan, as well as the Minister of Environment, Mrs. Iordanca-Rodica Iordanov. Topics discussed included unbundling and certification of transmission system operators for electricity and gas, harmonizing VAT legislation, guarantees of origin, the streamlining of environmental permitting for renewables and sustainable forestry in the context of reaching the country’s climate targets. The parties also agreed to intensify the dialogue on carbon price-related issues on the authority's agenda in the current year.

Buschle congratulated the Moldovan Parliament for its cooperation with the government, which led to the adoption of several essential acts for Moldovan citizens and the country's EU integration process. The Deputy Director also emphasized the importance of the National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), and its intended contribution toward achieving climate neutrality.

During the visit, Buschle also discussed the implementation of market reforms and their further integration with H.E. J. Mazeiks, EU Ambassador to Moldova, Moldovatransgaz's CEO, Vadim Ceban, and the board of directors of the regulatory authority ANRE.

Deputy Director Buschle was accompanied on his mission by Denis Tumuruc, Senior Energy Expert in the Secretariat's office in Chisinau.

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