Energy Community Secretariat Issues Opinion in Support of Certification for Ukrainian Gas Storage System Operator

7 April 2023

Yesterday, the Energy Community Secretariat released Opinion 1/23 regarding the certification of Ukrtransgaz, the Ukrainian gas storage system operator. This is the first-ever certification under the revised Gas Regulation. The Opinion supports the certification of Ukrtransgaz in accordance with the Preliminary Decision of the Ukrainian regulatory authority, NEURC.

The Secretariat's analysis found that there are currently no risks to gas security of supply at the national or Energy Community level that would arise from ownership, supply, or other commercial relationships of Ukrtransgaz, as well as other facts and circumstances.

As per Article 3a of Regulation (EC) 715/2009, NEURC is required to adopt a final certification decision in compliance with the Secretariat's Opinion.

This certification is an important step towards promoting a secure and stable energy supply in Ukraine and throughout the Energy Community.

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