Ukraine Energy Support Fund finances gas compressor station renovation


20 March 2023

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund, created at the Energy Community Secretariat in cooperation with the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, will provide support to the Ukrainian Gas TSO (GTSOU) in completing the renovation of  a piece of critical gas infrastructure. The project is financed by a dedicated grant of EUR 2 million by the Foreign Office of Germany. The grant will be used for the procurement of works required for the completion of the facility, which is essential for meeting the needs of domestic consumers in Ukraine

The representatives of GTSOU,
in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the Secretariat, entered into the agreement last Thursday. The launch of further work on the project is imminent

"This is a project the company has been working on for years. But the war brought about changes. That's why we needed extra support. Our long-lasting and successful cooperation with the Energy Community allowed us to come up with a solution under new circumstances. We express our gratitude to our partners for their fast response and effective assistance in implementing our strategic projects. This is an important example of cooperative efforts in enhancing energy security", said Yurii Ziabchenko, Chief Engineer at GTSOU.

"During the full-scale war, the Ukrainian GTS Operator makes tremendous efforts to ensure reliable gas transmission within the country. We must complete the renovation project because it will form a solid foundation for future post-war rehabilitation", added Oleh Chertikhin, Production Support Director at GTSOU.

We are very grateful to the German Foreign Office for their support to this project. It complements the work of the Energy Community Support Fund, which currently finalizes the procurement for equipment and fuel for over EUR 100 million and helps maintaining stable supply of electricity, gas and heat in Ukraine” explained Artur Lorkowski, Director of the Energy Community Secretariat. 

"We can now say with confidence that the Ukraine Energy Support Fund at the Energy Community Secretariat is the most effective tool allowing governments, international financial institutions, organizations, and private donors to provide emergency financial assistance to the Ukrainian energy sector", stressed Mykola Kolisnyk, Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine.  

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