Ukraine Support Task Force reports a successful delivery from a Czech gas distributor to Ukraine

7 March 2023

In course of February 2023, Energy Community Secretariat’s Ukraine Support Task Force assisted GasNet, the largest gas distributor in Czech Republic, and the Czech authorities to deliver seven vehicles and special gas equipment from GasNet’s inventory to Ukraine. The shipment was the first donation from an EU gas distributor to its counterpart in Ukraine.

“We are thankful for the quick and efficient cooperation we had with the GasNet colleagues and the Czech authorities in making this logistics operation happen. I am pleased to report a safe and sound delivery of the offered goods to Ukraine,” said Ádám Balogh, Lead of the Ukraine Support Task Force (USTF).

"We want to help the people of Ukraine. That is why, as gasmen, we decided to provide technological aid to our Ukrainian colleagues to help Ukraine repair its damaged energy infrastructure," said Petr Koutný, GasNet's Network Operations Director. With further support shipments in the pipeline, GasNet and its employees have a strong track record in supporting the people of Ukraine. The engagement varies from financial support through a humanitarian organisation to assistance commissioning a refugee hostel in Prague.

The USTF cooperates closely with the European Commission and particularly the Emergency Response Coordination Centre (ERCC) of DG ECHO, the coordinator of the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), to ensure the delivery of energy-related humanitarian needs to Ukraine. The USTF feeds in transport requests to the ERCC, who, via the UCPM mechanism organizes the shipment from the sites of the donor companies. Together with the ERCC, USTF tracks the process, assists and coordinates each shipment at every step of the journey in Europe and within Ukraine.  

USTF support in numbers

The USTF has so far assisted 55 deliveries to Ukraine;

1.100 metric tons of equipment

successfully delivered


1.100 tons of liquids

successfully delivered


74 companies


from 19 countries donated

status: 10th week / 2023

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