New Centre to accelerate ending energy poverty

20 January 2022

The Director of the Energy Community Secretariat, Mr Artur Lorkowski, established the new Centre for Alleviating Energy Poverty in the Energy Community Contracting Parties.

The Centre will collect data and information on the causes and impact of energy poverty in the Energy Community Contracting Parties and promote the development of appropriate policies and measures for reducing energy poverty following the acquis communautaire.

Director Lorkowski said: “Addressing energy poverty is an essential part of a just and inclusive energy transition process. Our Contracting Parties have the highest energy poverty rates in the whole of Europe and the COVID-19 pandemic and the rapid increase in energy prices have further exacerbated the situation. Through the work of the Centre, the Energy Community will work to address the root causes of energy poverty by promoting ambitious, efficient and robust policies and strengthening cooperation between energy sector stakeholders, including representatives of government authorities, civil society, private sector and financial institutions.”

The decision to establish the Centre follows recommendations issued by the Study on Addressing Energy Poverty in the Energy Community Contracting Parties published in December 2021.