Energy Community launches a public consultation on Outline of the Social Strategy

2 January 2013

Signed in 2007, the Memorandum of Understanding on Social Issues (MoU), constitutes the point of departure for the development of social agenda in the context of the Energy Community. It indicates the political will of the Contracting Parties to take due account of the social dimension and outlines the principles of the social dialogue in the energy sector at both national and regional levels. The public consultation aims to take the initiative one step further and collect views/opinions of the Energy Community stakeholders on the next steps concerning the development of an outline of the Social Strategy.

In October 2012, the 10th Ministerial Council invited the Secretariat, in cooperation with the social partners, to prepare an outline of a Social Strategy for discussion and eventual adoption at the Ministerial Council meeting in 2013 upon debate at the PHLG.

The MoU on Social Issues addresses two distinct policy areas – the affordability of energy for various categories of consumers in a society (Public Service Obligation), and the social dialogue among the partners in the energy industry. The consultation document subsequently consists of two group of questions. 
1. The first, smaller group of questions asks for opinions on Public Service Obligation. 
2. The second group of questions targets Social Dialogue.
The Secretariat invites all stakeholders, including governments, regulatory authorities, social partners, NGOs and all in line with Article 3 of the MoU to participate and submit their contributions. The contributions are to be sent to the email address [email protected] only. All the contributions are to be submitted by 03 February at the latest.