Albanian Energy Regulatory Authority ERE and Secretariat exchange views on further development of power market in Albania 

20 April 2023

On 19 April 2023, representatives of the Albanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ERE) visited the premises of the Secretariat for an exchange. Both institutions have a long-standing history of working together successfully on energy market reforms in Albania. The ERE team was led by its Chairman Petrit Ahmeti.

The meeting focused on further developments of the electricity market in Albania following the launch of the day-ahead market operated by ALPEX on 11 April. Those development include the transposition and implementation of the electricity market integration package adopted in the Energy Community in December 2022, the designation of the Nominated Energy Market Operator (NEMO), market coupling projects, including next steps and challenges in joining the EU single day-ahead coupling and the monitoring role of ERE.

Deputy Director Dirk Buschle said: “Albania has again assumed a leading role in the power market development recently. The challenge will now be ensuring that ALPEX becomes a liquid trading place, used by public and private players alike. ERE’s role in this and the integration of Albania in the European power markets has been and will be crucial. By taking over the responsibility to issue guarantees of origin for electricity produced from renewable sources under the regional system established by the Secretariat, ERE will also make sure that Albania’s wealth of green energy is given a proper value for the sake of the European Green Deal.”

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