The Secretariat encourages Bosnia and Herzegovina to make reform of the energy sector

28 March 2023

Director Artur Lorkowski met with Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Staša Košarac, entity ministers for energy, Petar Đokić and Nermin Džindić to discuss the state of energy and climate reforms during his country mission on 27 March 2023. Director Lorkowski also addressed two committees at the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina and held separate talks with the EU Head of Delegation / EU Special Representative Ambassador Johann Sattler.

Director Lorkowski congratulated Bosnia and Herzegovina for acquiring a candidate country status for EU accession and stated: “With candidate status in the pocket, Bosnia and Herzegovina should use the momentum, make a final spurt and complete the needed energy and climate reforms. It is not only about being an equal participant in the European energy markets, but Bosnia and Herzegovina has a once-in-a-century chance to spur sustainable economic development and social progress through greater volumes of investments, increased productivity and creation of new jobs throughout the energy value chain”.

In an address to the Committee on Transport and Communications of House of Representatives and Committee on Foreign and Trade Policy, Customs, Transport and Communications of House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly, Director Lorkowski stressed the need for a new state-level Electricity Law and establishment of an electricity market design with an enabling framework for renewables which will help Bosnia and Herzegovina in overcoming the effects of the energy price crisis and dependency.

The Director was accompanied by Deputy Director Dirk Buschle and Renewable Energy Expert Naida Taso.

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